The Mount

Surf Spot

 Until about 1910, Mount Maunganui was a sandy peninsula with a sprinkling of holiday cottages. Then Railway workshops were opened, which attracted a larger permanent population and led to the construction of the first commercial wharf.


Prior to the First World War the Mount Maunganui area constituted little more than a deserted sandy peninsula.  However, after the war, scattered settlements began to appear with the development of Mount Maunganui as a little-known holiday resort.


The fame of the area as a holiday resort spread, and the population continued to increase until Mount Maunganui became a Dependent Town District of the Tauranga County in 1927.  Ten years later, it was proclaimed an Independent Town District. Borough status followed in 1945, with Mr McDonald elected the first Mayor. The popularity of "The "Mount" as a beach resort grew rapidly.

Located across the harbour from Tauranga, "the Mount" is almost surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, with New Zealand’s best beach on one side of its peninsula, and the sheltered waters of Pilot Bay on the other.

And overlooking it all towers the mountain itself – Mauao. 

Standing 232m above sea level, this iconic landmark is treasured by Maori and locals alike. Mauao means ‘caught be the dawn’ and the mountain is steeped in Maori history and mythology. Several historical pa sites (villages) have been built on this extinct volcanic cone, the evidence of which can still be seen today as you explore the popular walking tracks.

Mount Maunganui’s Main Beach has been crowned the ‘Best Beach in New Zealand’ by TripAdvisor, and ranks among the top 25 best beaches in the world.

Created by Cap'n John